Do I Have to Spend Money to Make Money With Internet Marketing?

Does it take money to make money in the world of internet marketing? Nope. Is it a good idea to reinvest your profits back into the business to enjoy explosive growth? Absolutely. Alright, my friend. That’s the end of the article, thanks for reading! Well, not quite. Let’s go ahead and discuss the dynamics of making money online, the potential for rapid growth, and a proposed course of action to turn your dreams into a reality… even if you’re currently flat broke!

The Dynamics of Making Money Online:

Let me first clear up any confusion you may have about what online success actually DOES require. Hard work, perseverance, focus, and patience all immediately come to mind. Patience is optional, however, if you’re willing to trade your time for dollars. We’ll talk more about that in just a moment.

For now, please just understand that if you don’t have a lot of capital or human resources at your disposal, then you’re going to need to invest a good amount of your own personal sweat equity into the business. And you’ll need to do so on a faithful and consistent basis. In other words, you’re gonna have to (gasp) work… hard! You’ve got to work diligently every single day, even if you don’t see any initial positive results.

But it’s not all bad, as there are certainly ways to see the money come in quickly For example, if you need money now and you’re willing to abandon the dream of residual, passive income for a little while, then perhaps you should consider becoming a service provider. You’ve got an endless supply of fellow marketers out there who are just begging to have content written for them.

These folks need articles, blog posts, press releases, eBooks, emails, and sales letters written for them immediately. Most of them are ready and willing to send you payment via PayPal completely on good faith. That means you get paid before you even do the work!

Of course, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that you had better come through for these people if you want future work. But as long as you deliver, this is an excellent way to make some decent income very quickly. Beyond that, you can provide a multitude of other services, including video creation, graphics, article and blog submissions, and more.

Now if this sort of work doesn’t appeal to you, and you really want to live the “internet marketing lifestyle,” there are a number of free options for you to consider. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of free-to-use social media sites out there, including blogging platforms, video sites, article directories, and discussion forums that can provide you with all the customers and revenues you’ll ever need.

You can promote your products and services directly to these folks, or work at getting your pages ranked in the search engines to enjoy some high-quality organic search traffic. Any good SEO training course can show you precisely how to do this. While you can always link directly to an affiliate offer, it is definitely a good idea to create your own landing pages to gain the trust of your audience.

If you’d like to create a free landing page to funnel all of your online traffic to, the sites that I would personally recommend that you choose from are Squidoo, Blogger,, and Weebly. These are all very easy to use, quite customizable, and have a proven track record of ranking well in the search engines.

How To Rent Broker Free Homes?

Traditionally, the world of real estate took its own form. The real estate brokers had complete control. If you want to find a tenant then you have to go through them. However, the options have expanded. You can reach out to home seekers and rent your broker free homes.

Going no broker was unheard of in the past. The recent technological changes has completely transformed the world. People have more options, and businesses have new ways to reach out to potential customers. You’re in business if you have a vacant home ready to be rented out.

The majority had the mindset that they cannot generate business online. They have been proven wrong by all those people who took the initiative and took their work over the internet. They were unaware to the possibilities that existed before them. It was their mere mindset that kept them from moving further and taking the risk.

You have to begin by changing your mindset, you don’t need a middleman to do the job!

“You have the power in your hands”

You ask, “What can I possibly do alone when brokers have their network?” This is the mindset you need to break away from right now. There are many support groups that help you connect with hundreds of people within your locality. However, they still have their own limit.

You can join broker free services that give you the option of promoting your home before hundreds of seekers under one roof. This is a great way to get free promotion for your home, and get a number of queries from people. There are a number of such competitive websites giving more service options to home owners to create greater transparency and convenience.

Such platforms run their own marketing campaigns to promote properties listed with them. This amazing free marketing opportunity has helped many home owners meet tenants without brokerage paid to real estate agents. There have been many cases in the past where tenants leave after a few months, and brokers refuse to find you a replacement at no charge. Obviously, they will never work for you for free. They will never guarantee their services which is the reason broker free services have come up to fill that gap.

This is the time to become a part of the home search engine that can expand your horizon. There are many opportunities out there for you, and you just have to open your mind to them to reach the next level. This is the right path for you to explore, and raise your home income. You have to let your imagination roam free and look towards the possibilities right before you. This is the right time, take a chance to win the game!

Easy Tips To Improve Your Stock Trading Profitability

As a trader you need to understand why it is that you enter a particular position, what is your own specific reason for position entry, the answer can’t be “It looks like it’s going up”. You can’t put down money based on a gut feeling; you have to be motivated by a technical reason found in the chart that you are observing. Another factor that will influence your trading is volume. The average daily volume of a stock that you choose to trade should be at minimum 1M shares. Be very cautious when risking your equity, make sure you have spent sufficient time paper trading, otherwise you will pay a lot of money in market tuition… and that can be quite costly.

Something else that will have to be considered is your personal workstation. Keep your work area clean, and uncluttered. A messy desktop will not allow you to think clearly, and will prove to be distracting. You will need a good monitor setup (2-3 monitors minimum) so that you have ample real estate to view charts, level 2, etc. You will also require high-speed Internet connection and a good direct access broker. This is a serious profession based on mathematics and market psychology, so act professional. If you trade with a budget day trading casino mentality, you will quickly gamble away your entire account.

A Few Words About Charts

It took me a few months of experimenting to find my personal g-spot for my own personal chart setup. I’m going to offer up some tips on how you can best manage your own charting.

  1. Keep it simple, and uncluttered. Have only the essential information displayed because you will spend a lot of time just waiting for a healthy setup to present itself. If you have a complex window to look at with a lot of flashing colours and numbers, you will only get eyestrain.
  2. To reiterate on the first point, don’t have too many technical indicators on your charts, especially indicators that conflict signals.
  3. Have at least one broad market chart and one sector chart, are they making new highs today compared to yesterday? It is important to gauge the market relative to the previous trading day’s range.
  4. Have a time and sales window for your stock, is there a buy or sell pressure?

When reading your Level 2 window use it primarily for order routing only. You can’t always base a trading decision on what information you see there, because there is a lot of bluffing and intentional manipulation that happens in Level 2. You need to focus on the big picture of the market first and foremost, is it a red or green day? Is it a volatile day or is it very choppy with deadly whipsaw like activity? After you have performed this initial diagnosis, then you can use the individual chart patterns to identify a profitable entry and exit point. A common beginner mistake is just jumping in and out whenever and where ever-an entry and exit point must be determined BEFORE you place the trade.

Read this book to learn more strategies that can significantly improve your trading profitability.